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Storefront windows installation in Langley

Storefront windows installation is an excellent solution for decorating a retail space. The showcase is the “face” of a brand or chain of stores. Therefore, its creation requires special attention and an individual approach. The storefront windows installation services can radically transform the “appearance” of a store. 

Alluring transparent showcases, abundantly stocked with goods, will attract the attention of potential customers. Our company offers you extraordinary, bright, original solutions that will allow your brand to win the trust of every client.

Cutting Crew Glass Inc.
Cutting Crew Glass Inc.

Glass showcases for the store have their own design features

The system can be all-glass or frame. In turn, all-glass structures are created using a spider or point fastening system. Glass frame showcases require the presence of double-glazed windows and metal profiles. 

Visually, all-glass structures look more attractive since, in this case, there are no crossbars and vertical imposts in the system. These elements, when framed glass showcases for shops and shopping centers are used, are necessary for fixing individual glass sheets.

To strengthen all-glass structures, stiffening ribs, which are also made of glass, can be additionally used. The number of such stiffeners and their size is selected individually. In this case, we recommend ordering glazing for shop windows, considering the system’s height and expected wind loads. At the same time, the presence of stiffeners does not affect the light transmission of the structure in any way.

Having decided to order storefront windows installation in our company, you get a number of advantages:

  • energy saving due to high light transmission capacity;
  • visual incrimination of the trading space;
  • affordable cost of systems, thanks to which every brand and company can afford to order storefront windows installation;
  • good thermal insulation characteristics;
  • high level of safety due to the strength of the glass used;
  • thanks to an individual approach, storefront windows installation can be made in any size required by the customer.


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